Puzzle Ponderings


By David Meyers I am fascinated by this world, although I often am so scared of it. It’s interesting though how it is in facing this fear of the wor...

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Talent and Other Patient Atrocities


By David E. Geiger, MEE, PE Circa 1982 I had drawn a picture of Saddam Hussein while I was in the psychiatric hospital. I did it because I wanted to s...

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Persona Non Grata


By David E. Geiger, MEE, PE Just a short time back, COVID-19 aside, it was graduation time for all – grammar schools, high schools, colleges, and un...

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A Note on Language


By David E. Geiger, MEE, PE On Wednesday, April 29th, 2020, the Institute for Justice and Opportunity (formerly known as the Prisoner Reentry Institut...

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By David E. Geiger, MEE, PE Sixty-six years old is a late time – in my estimation – to be dreaming about things. (There are those who disagree wit...

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The Severe Mental Illness Starter Pack: Advice and Resources for Family Members from a Mother Who’s Been There


By Laura Pogliano Sometimes I imagine it’s 10 years ago, when I was new to the world of severe psychiatric illness. I can hear myself crying over my...

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