Emptying the ‘New Asylums’

17 Apr 2017

On February 6, 2017 the American Enterprise Institute presented a panel discussion, Emptying the ‘new asylums’: A model for moving mentally ill inmates out of jail.

Doris A. Fuller, chief of Research and Public Affairs for the Treatment Advocacy Center, presented the findings of Treatment Advocacy Center’s latest groundbreaking report, Emptying the ‘New Asylums. Doris and the distinguished panel of experts discussed how small changes to public policy can significantly reduce forensic bed wait times at relatively low cost, providing those in need with a bed. Panelists included:

Sally Satel, AEI
Doris A. Fuller, Treatment Advocacy Center
Kristen Lich, PhD, MHSA, the University of North Carolina
Judge Steve Leifman, Miami-Dade County Court Criminal Division
Matthew Chase, National Association of Counties
Mike Rezendes, The Boston Globe
If you would like to share the discussion with others, or if you missed the event, you will find the recording on AEI.org.

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