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What is Families and Friends for Care?

Families and Friends for Care (FFFC) is a support group for families of diagnosed individuals with schizophrenia or schizophrenia-related brain illness. Schizophrenia-related illnesses are illnesses that include psychosis, such as schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, and major depression with psychosis. Family and Friends (Now Families and Friends for Care) was founded in 2008, and in that time, has reached thousands of families/friends seeking guidance and acceptance of individuals who experience psychosis. We offer a non-judgmental community of concern and fellow travelers. This journey is not for the faint of heart. But with education and acceptance, you can find your way to a more loving and peaceful home and relationship with your loved ones. And you’ll find hope, which is so vital for families with a loved one with illnesses that include psychosis.

We welcome you to Families and Friends for Care (FFFC). Please be at ease and feel comforted by this experience of support and community for your family.

One thing we want to express to you is a sense of HOPE. Life has promise, even for those who live with these challenging illnesses.

Please know the illness is not your family member’s fault; the disease is not the result of some weakness in his character or a personality defect. Instead, according to the best information from the scientific community, schizophrenia, schizoaffective, and bipolar brain illnesses are genetically influenced, neuro-circuitry brain illnesses, and sometimes causing structural and brain tissue irregularities. About ninety percent of people with schizophrenia improve with medical treatment and care. New scientific research offers hope for all those with these illnesses. While psychosis brain illnesses can be confounding and complex, our relationships with our loved ones can be sustained and grow through understanding the illness within a community of support. We hope you’ll find it here.

Please feel at home with us. The meetings are confidential. The meeting is to help sustain you and give you a caring community of supporters. You are not alone anymore. You are accepted here. Families affected by schizophrenia and related neurological brain illnesses have a whole world of experiences that others don’t understand. Your experience will enrich other families and help you grow in understanding of how to assist your family member, how to be the best helper you can be, and how to move through their journey of illness with acceptance and love.

Families and friends caring for those with psychosis share so many shared experiences. We hope you feel like being part of this group is a homecoming. You are welcome here. We will be here each week if you join us.

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