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Schizophrenia Spectrum Support Community

SARDAA is partnering with Inspire — an online health community — to present Inspire’s first group dedicated to schizophrenia and related brain illnesses. In the midst of these challenging, isolating times, SARDAA’s partnership with Inspire provides a free, safe, and encouraging way for you to connect with others and get support.

Inspire offers a safe space for all to experience an anonymous online forum to share support, stories, and assistance. Unlike some forums, Inspire is monitored 24/7 to keep it safe for participants. This community allows you to connect on a personal level with others who have been affected by schizophrenia and related brain illnesses. Even though you must create an account to participate, your posts will not appear with your name, so your privacy is maintained.

This community can be accessed online at any time on a desktop or laptop through the Inspire.com website, or by downloading the Inspire app on your smartphone or tablet. To become a member of the group, follow our link below to sign up and register for an account. Following registration for your account, you will receive an email from Inspire to activate it. From there you will have unlimited access to a community that is able to walk alongside you. 

We hope that our presence on Inspire will grow our community, help connect with others, and encourage greater awareness of SARDAA’s work and mission. For questions or concerns, contact info@inspire.com for help. 

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