About Schizophrenia



SARDAA provides information about resources that are relevant to many of the topics surrounding the diagnosis of schizophrenia. Rather than provide an alphabetical list of links, we have grouped the resources by categories that reflect more topical groupings. Often sites will contain far more than the topic heading it is listed under as well as provide links for further research.

SARDAA is interested in fostering greater understanding about schizophrenia and recognizes that there are no simple solutions nor magic cures for this complex condition that affects people in many different ways. Just like many physical diseases, there are variations of symptoms and varying methods of treatment. To suggest one approach to the exclusion of others may deny access to what may be an effective treatment. Our desire is to provide as much information as possible to promote opportunities for recovery from schizophrenia.

Our signature program, Schizophrenia Alliance, is one method that has proven effective in helping many people find a personal place of recovery. SARDAA hopes that providing links to resources here helps you find valuable information about schizophrenia that will help you navigate the myriad of issues presented by schizophrenia whether you are a person with the diagnosis, a family member, a loved one, advocate, or just have an interest in learning more.

SARDAA welcomes information that you may have regarding additional resources that may be of interest to our visitors. Please refer to the Contact SARDAA page and we will consider adding them to our list.